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Nuevas e increíbles prestaciones:

  • Simple instalación: descargar y ejecutar

  • Fácil de usar: traduzca con un solo clic de su ratón

  • Traducción desde y hasta 75 idiomas

  • Traducción de páginas web completas - ¡NUEVO!

  • Traducción de documentos completos
    (Word, PDF, texto) -

  • Integración transparente con los correctores ortográficos de Microsoft Office - ¡NUEVO!

  • Los principales diccionarios: Britannica, OXFORD, Wikipedia y más


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Babylon 8 - Texto íntegro de traducción!


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“Babylon es, con diferencia, la herramienta informática de traducción y diccionarios más útil e intuitiva que existe”

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Babylon Window

Babylon, the best translating software is compatible forth many programs. The look of its window is real simple. You will be saved from thinking. This feature laden software has a small aperture which doesn’t block the view of other open programs. The Babylon window has three major parts viz. toolbars, result pane, and sidebar pane . All the three parts are discussed asunder:

In the tool bar, the field for exhibiting and entering the query term or value holds a striking place. Then we have Back Returns button that takes the user to the previous ensues window. Next is Forward Displays button to aim you to the next results window. To initiate the query Go button is placed on the extreme right. There is a speciality of this Go Button; it gives the users options to choose the kind of result they want Babylon software to deliver.

If you want to find out the solution of your query in Google search along with Babylon's online dictionaries and encyclopedias, just press Web search button . For pronouncing the term entered in the terminus box just press the Say It button. following is Show/Hide Sidebar. It toggles the exhibit of the Sidebar. The Babylon logo is the Progress indicator. It animates when a long process is in progress.

Things you should know for translation

Working on world level is no more a territory of big fishes. Even the smaller companies get opportunity to work internationally by successfully overcoming the difficulty of language and culture. Language translation is oftentimes done these days. People or companies who desire to expand their business across various countries need to get their documents or advert materials or even websites translated in alien languages. Therefore, they pick various translation helps available online as per their need.

The adaptation of any language requires high degree of arete as the jargon of languages is very vast and varied. Manual translation becomes a hectic business and it becomes difficult to find out right people who have sound cognition of both languages, i.e. the one to be translated and the one in which it is to be translated. These daytimes various companies are offering online translation overhauls. The services provided on the internet differ on terms of quality, cost and livery.

The software applications that are installed for offline usage , work with a predefined database which has somewhat limited scope. While Babylon Software that works online is most visceral tool to solve your translation troubles. It is particular as it can rapidly translate e-mails, Web pages, paper, or instant messages to the desired languages. The all-inclusive database of Babylon is fed with language vocabulary or glossaries making it the best option.

Babylon software seems to be the useful dictionary and language beneficial dictionary and translation which helps to possible languages. This software is even widely demanded for translating texts or translation facilities and converting the numerical conversion of figures into Excel. The Babylon software brilliantly opens in in the window offering the providing dictionary without disturbing to the the user.

The Ctrl+Right click is the default activation key used during the Babylon installation procedure . The mix then initiates the advantage of translation offered by the software within a short in quick time. In order to to translate your text such as a paragraph, the users can click on the single text or word present in the text thereby allowing the offering the software to automatically capture the neighboring text and initiate the overall for initiating the procedure for translation. In addition, in case at at any point of time the particular user misses the Babylon Click configuration, one can always place system mouse on Babylon icon in order to see the tool tip automatically that is popping with with the Babylon Click.

Also, users can open /users can make user can easily open the Babylon Configuration called as “Translate & Spelling” in order to have this Babylon Click. Click on the phrase click on word or phrase that that needs translation and have the instant translation, encyclopedia as well as for having instant dictionary. The Babylon translation results /the results of translation/ the translation results] are offered for the users in Result window of the of the Babylon software. There in addition the option of More Results in case the user needs to have some more further translation results.