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How to remove toolbar

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 From The Control Panel

  1. Click the on Windows "Start" button.

  2. Select "Control Panel" from the "Settings" menu.

  3. Make a double-click on "Add/Remove Programs".

  4. Scroll down (most of time in the end of the list)  and click on the "Yahoo! Toolbar" entry.

  5. Click on "Change/Remove."

  6. Close any open IE windows.

Yahoo Toolbar is now uninstalled. Please start IE again after closing all your open IE browser windows and it will no longer be present.

If you follow these steps and Yahoo! Toolbar is still present, make sure you've closed all your open IE browser windows. Due to Internet Explorer being integrated with Windows, you might need to restart your computer to fully uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar.

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That is the way you can
emove  toolbars

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